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The Family of Multi-Spectral Targets is built on Three Principles:
REALISM                MODULARITY            DURABILITY

Targets available: E-type & F-type. MST's fit into existing target lifters.

Power requirements: 12 to 24 volts (AC or DC)
Can use existing range power or can be set up anywhere with optional BA5590/BA-2590 battery cable.

Power is either manually or automatically adjustable to match outside conditions.

Weapon Overlays for Threat Assessment/Escalation of Force:
AK-47, M-16, RPG-7

Combat Identification (Combat ID) Modules -
IR Beacon (night vision) module
IR-Reflective Flag module
Thermal Combat ID panel

The MST?family of targets can be set up virtually anywhere to support individual and collective training.  MST targets are specially engineered to mimic actual thermal signatures.

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